Antique Suite

2014 | for flute, harp, and bassoon | 15’

Antique Suite is a set of character studies for the very unusual combination of flute, bassoon, and harp. This piece is my personal experiment in writing as simple a piece of music as possible, without venturing into the overly simplistic; the result is a suite heavily reliant on melodic and timbral interest, with relatively few virtuosic turns or harmonic deviations. The designation “antique” holds several different meanings here. First, none of these three instruments has changed very much since the 18th century, and the characteristic timbres of each suggests something of an antiquated aesthetic, although this particular combination is a relatively unusual one. The sparse neo-Classical style of the suite, whose form is closely modeled after the Baroque dance suite, complements and celebrates these timbres, allowing the colors of each instrument’s register to take center stage. Finally, I wanted the audience to have the impression of wandering through a curio shop, with each movement a separate “antique” that may have overly fussy details, unexpected quirks, and even “broken” pieces.

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