2015 | for modified Pierrot ensemble | 4'

WARP is the score to an experimental short film of the same name by Tyler Strzelecki and Exsenet Esler, created and premiered as a collaboration for the joint IU Cinema/IU Student Composers Association project Double Exposure. The film depicts the often-surprising juxtaposition between urban and rural environments encountered on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus, and the way the passage of time seems to change when moving between the two. Most of the motives in the score are triggered by the appearance of corresponding visual motives in the film; thus, as the movement of events on the screen accelerates, slows, or stops, the musical textures change to accommodate them. However, even though the perceived speed of the music differs wildly throughout the piece as the speed of onscreen events changes, the 120 BPM tempo remains utterly constant, just like the passage of time—whether we perceive it that way or not.

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